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Travel Guides | Koh Kong

Where to Stay


There are only five hotels here and the rest are guesthouses. The guesthouses are simple and basic rooms, some have Asian style (squat) bathrooms inside the room and the average price is 5  8 USD for fan and 8 ? 15 USD with air-con. Some guesthouses have no-bathroom rooms for 4 USD per room and night.

Note: The first time you get here, the motorcycle taxis will try to overcharge you. The real rate is 2000 Riel or 20 Baht per ride.
Bopha Koh Kong Hotel *
Koh Kong International Resort Club (L) * Safari World is now open!
Koh Pich Hotel *
Phou Mint Koh Kong Hotel *
Rasmey Makara Hotel *


Cheap Charlies Guesthouse
Juliana Guest House
Khounchhang Hotel
Koh Kong Hotel Koh Lap Chai Den Hotel
Nokor Reach Koh Kong Hotel
Otto's Restaurant Rooms & Meeting Place
Pai Lin Guest House
Penh Cheth Guest House
Ponl Eupreah Chan Penh Vong Guesthouse
Poy Sian Guesthouse
Sovann Angkor Guesthouse

Bopha Koh Kong Hotel: (tel: 011/741040)
This hotel is easily to find, because its just two blocks east of the Sihanoukville boat pier located. It has its own restaurant and rooms at different rates.
Single Room: ground floor, air-con, fridge, Sat TV, $8 usd
Single Room: 3rd floor, air-con, fridge, Sat TV, $10
Double Room: air-con, fridge, Sat TV, $13 usd
VIP Room: air-con, fridge, Sat TV, hot water & sitting area, $25 usd

Koh Pich Hotel: (tel: 035/936113)
You may like this hotel, because it is up to international standards. Hotel, restaurant, nightclub, Karaoke & meeting hall for 60.
VIP Room: air-con, cable TV, fridge, $15 usd
Twin Room: cable TV, air-con, $15 usd
Queen Room: cable TV, air-con, $10 usd
Fan Room: bathroom inside, $5

Phou Mint Koh Kong Hotel: (tel: 011/948255)
Located on the river between the Sihanoukville boat pier and the Koh Kong Bridge, this is a new hotel with a beautiful view of the river.
1st Floor: air-con, fridge & TV, $10 usd; fan fridge & TV $6 usd; fan & TV, only $5 usd 2nd Floor: air-con, TV hot water & tub, $15 usd; air-con & TV $12 usd

Rasmey Makara Hotel: (tel: 035/936058)
This is a European standard hotel located south east of the traffic circle. Downstairs rooms are $10 usd with air-con, TV and bath. A single room cost $8, the double room cost $10 and the VIP room is at $13. The rooms have air-con, fridge, TV and Western style bathroom. The whole complex is very modern with garden area and sitting area, massage and Karoke are available on the grounds. The restaurant is known for tasty seafood and live music from 6 pm to 12 midnight.

Cheap Charlies Guesthouse: (tel: 016/853450)
There is no place to have a cheaper accommodation in town, 50baht per pax. The rooms are really basic and seem to some people as small cells with shared bathroom. Anyway the friendly family will make you feel like home. This place is also a good source for traveller info. A small restaurant is included serving tasty Western and Asian dishes.

Otto's: (tel: 093/6211)
Otto's restaurant, rooms & meeting place has rooms for: Single room 80 baht, Double room 100 baht & large double room for 120 baht. TV is available for an extra fee. Otto's has good food, is a place to relax and is a central meeting place for friends both old and young. The food and drinks come at fair prices. River and island tours by boat can be arranged. Note: Otto's is open, it seems a few unscrupulous m/c taxi drivers are saying Otto's is closed because he does not pay them a commissions.

Pai Lin Guest House: (tel: 015/836570)
Pai Lin Guesthouse is located south east of the traffic circle. The rates are 100 Baht for a fan room and 200 Baht for a room with air-con. Bathroom is inside the room.

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