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Travel Guides | Kampong Thom

Where to Stay

Arunras Guesthouse: (tel: 0961238)
A clean, well-run and friendly place it has and attached Asian bath and is good value at US$3. The mototaxi drivers who can take you to Sambor Prei Kok hang out in front and the restaurant here is a popular place to eat. This guesthouse is suposingly the most popular place for budget travellers in town. The rooms include TV and a Western bath (US$3) and an additional air-con if required (US$8).

Arunras Hotel: (tel: 0961294)
This place was formerly called Neak Meas Hotel. The roof of this five-story building represents the highest point in Kampong Thom and affords some nice views of the town the countryside and Santuk Mountain. There are also nice wrap-around terraces on each floor, and the rooms on the third floor south side have a good view, making it a decent spot to chill out with a cool drink. Clean rooms with a/c, TV, and double bed are US$10. For a room on the first floor with hot water add US$5. The nightclub downstairs closes at 11 pm so it's not much of a problem. If you like to turn in early get a room at the back on the third floor. There is also a restaurant in the hotel. Its probably the best deal in town.
Stung Sen Royal Garden Hotel: (tel: 09261228)
It's named after the river that is next too. This is another top spot in town. The rooms come fully furnished and the gargantuan suites are a good investment for an extra 5 bucks. All rooms have a/c, TV, fridge, Western bath and hot water shower. Depending on the room size, they go for US$20-25.
Sambor Prey Kuk Hotel: (tel: 0961359)
It is definitely not one of the best hotels, but still a good fortune for budget travellers, who like it a bit older for less money. The rooms are well equipped with Western bath and fan or air-con. Some rooms have TV. The prices range from US$4-8 (without air-con) and from US$6-10 (including air-con).
Vimeansuor Guesthouse:
Business must be good, as they have been putting up an addition. It's a very clean place with nice rooms, attached Western bath and ceiling fan for US$6.
Mohalleap Guesthouse:
It's another clean place with an Asian bath and fan room going for US$3.

Visalsok, Soksan and Penh Chet Guesthouses:
These three are all similar with small rooms and share bath going from between US$1 to about 10.000 riel. The cleaning leaves a lot to be desired.

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