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Cambodia’s First Sailing Club Officially Launched

Posted Date: 2017-04-25

Cambodia’s first sailing club was officially launched on Sunday, the introduction of which is aimed at engaging youths with aspirations to be part of the 32nd SEA Games in 2023, which Cambodia will be hosting.

Launched by Knai Bang Chatt resort located in Kep town’s Prey Thom commune, the club – which is an associated member of the Cambodian Sailing Federation (CSF) – will offer locals and foreigners a range of sailing courses taught by fully trained instructors in line with the requirements of the CSF.

The sailing club is equipped with several new sailing boats including the Optimist, Hobie Wave, Hobie 16 and T2. Courses provided will be guided by experienced instructors, with an added focus on health and safety guidelines of the UK’s Royal Yacht Club Association.

Present at the club launching, Tourism Minister Thong Khon encouraged more Cambodians to participate as the eco-friendly sport was still in its infancy in Cambodia.

“Sailing has a lot of benefits as the sailing boat is not a machine which runs on gasoline, but it is based on nature. That is the pride of our nation to have this kind of sport,” he said, adding that the sport will be included in the SEA game hosted by Cambodia in 2023.

Mr. Khon urged the Cambodians to come and give the new sport a try as it also promoted good health and environmental conscientiousness.


Jef Moons, founder and CEO of Knai Bang Chatt and its adjacent Sailing Club, lauded the minister’s encouraging address and hoped more Cambodians would participate.

“I feel extremely honored that the Tourism Minister and Cambodian National Olympic Committee President Thong Khon underwrites the importance of sailing,” the Belgian native said.

“At Knai Bang Chatt Sailing Club we have now set a course to create professional sailors, and to connect all Cambodians to new, beautiful experiences on coastal Cambodia,” he added.

John Black, general manager of the luxury boutique hotel and sailing club, said that he was delighted to add another program to the company’s corporate social responsibility roster.

“Water sports are slowly awakening in Cambodia and the thought of being able to introduce the youth of Cambodia to sailing is one that is very exciting indeed,” Mr. Black said.

Ken Satha, Kep provincial governor, said that the provincial authority has tried its best to promote tourism through the development of its infrastructure.


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